Surplus Material

The District would like to make material available to the public for excavation and removal. Please see the table below for more specific information about facilities and approximate quantity available. An encroachment permit will be issued by the District and applications can be found here.
In addition to permit processing fees, an additional fee of $0.35 per cubic yard for material removal shall apply. The District makes no guarantee as to the actual quantities available or the quality of material.

Surplus Material Availability
Facility Name City   Quantity (cu yd)   Description
  Oak St. Debris Basin Corona   30,000     Material available on a first come, first served basis.
  Murrieta Creek Basin Temecula   30,000     Material available on a first come, first served basis.
* Screening Operations may be permitted on a case by case basis at this site.

The Encroachment Permit will be subject to the adherence of a set of mandatory terms and conditions. Please click on the Facility Names above to view these terms.

Applications must also include an estimated desired quantity, rate of removal, start date and date of completion.

For appointment to field review specific areas or general questions, please contact Rick Landeros at (951) 955-8323.

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